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The California Political Attorneys Association (CPAA) is a nonpartisan California nonprofit organization that:

  • Provides a forum for the exchange of information between and among the members of the Association regarding political law;

  • Serves as a network and resource to its members who practice in the area of political law;

  • Takes and presents positions on proposed legislation, regulations, and policy matters before appropriate agencies, including the California State Legislature, California Fair Political Practices Commission, California Secretary of State’s Office, California Franchise Tax Board and Federal Election Commission; and

  • Files as Amicus Curiae in appropriate cases pending before the California and Federal courts.


About CPAA

The California Political Attorneys Association was formed in 1988 by political lawyers who, sharing concerns when faced with the conflicting simultaneous passage of California Propositions 68 and 73 (initiatives affecting campaign law), decided to make a group presentation to the Fair Political Practices Commission. Since those initial meetings and appearances before the FPPC, CPAA has grown in membership throughout the state.

CPAA voting members are California lawyers whose practices involve the California Political Reform Act of 1974, the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, other California and Federal election and campaign laws, including initiative/referendum laws, and campaign and election laws of other jurisdictions. A non-voting membership is available to public attorneys and law students.

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