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Allan E. Tebbetts was a co-founder of the California Political Attorneys Association. Allan passed away in January, 1997 at age 56. During his life, he came to be highly respected and regarded by many colleagues, friends, family and community members. Allan was a tireless community leader who played pivotal roles in many local organizations in the Long Beach, California area. It was said that every major improvement in that community had on it Allan’s fingerprints.

Allan was student body president in high school, a graduate of the University of Southern California, a Navy veteran, and a long time attorney. While Allan was quite serious about his work and his career, he also had a very wry sense of humor and a love of fast cars. Allan could be very whimsical at times. Allan was known for his unusual, festive, and off-beat neckties, often decorated with cartoon characters. Allan was beloved by all who knew him.

To those whose lives he touched, he left them all enriched. For this reason, the California Political Attorneys Association established the Allan E. Tebbetts Award for the purpose of maintaining Allan’s memory through the acknowledgment of certain persons over time who best exemplify and promote the similar commitment to friends, family, and community for which Allan stood.

The persons listed below are the honored past recipients of the Allan E. Tebbetts Award:

  Recipients Year
 1. Charles H. Bell, Jr.


 2. Lance H. Olson


 3. Frederick K. Lowell


 4. Judith Sproul Davis


 5. Colleen C. McAndrews


 6. Cary Davidson


 7. Diane Fishburn


 8. Peter A. Bagatelos


 9. Kathryn E. Donovan


 10. Stephen J. Kaufman


 11. Vigo G. "Chip" Nielsen


 12. James C. Harrison


 13. Jason D. Kaune 2016


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